A vibrant city bursting with colour…

Barcelona is a beautiful, beautiful city that I’ve been lucky enough to visit on a few occasions.

Situated in the northeast coast of Spain, Barcelona enjoys a warm, sunny climate and is home to stunning architecture and artwork which is completely intertwined with modern day life. Trees line streets adding wonderful brightness in summer, adding to the colourful landscape of the city. I always feel inspired here.

 Architecture of Gaudí…

Before visiting Barcelona I had heard the name Antonio Gaudí (1852-1926) but unfortunately I had no knowledge of his work. I was to discover the wonder of his amazing architecture and the extent of it, all beautifully intertwined within Barcelona. Of course there were so many places I fell in love with as the lively colours and abstract shapes of his work add charm and eccentricity to the modern city, and rest seamlessly amongst the new and the old.

Park Güell is one of my favourite places to visit in Barcelona. The 15 hectare UNESCO World Heritage Site is situated in the district of La Salut, in the northern part of the city. It is so peaceful walking among the floral plantings and mosaic work of the buildings.

Casa Batlló is beautiful during the day or at night when the building exterior is lit and the beauty of the aquamarines, blues, greens and oranges of the house shimmer under the light, like scales of a reptile. The house, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in Passeig de Gràcia, was built in 1877 and renovated by Gaudi between 1904 and 1907. At the time the residents of Barcelona nicknamed it the “house of bones” or the “house of yawns”.

And of course La Sagrada Família, an enormous church built entirely from donations, the construction of which continues to this day is a marvel to behold. Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the interior is incredible as the stained glass windows filter the light, as per Gaudí’s design to emulate the way leaves of trees filter light within a forests interior.

Museu Picasso…

I also love La Ribera (the Bank) area of the city and this area is home to the Museu Picasso (Picasso Museum)*. Situated on Carrer de Montcada (Montcada Street), the museum seems slightly hidden away amongst the activity of the busy neighbourhood, although it is in fact deceptively large being made up of five adjacent houses. I found my visit incredibly relaxing as I was led through the enormously comprehensive collection of Picasso’s artwork.

The exhibition comprises some of Picasso’s most famous works and my favourite pieces, The Pigeons, are included towards the end of the display. The Pigeons are a series of 9 canvases Picasso painted between 6th – 14th September 1957 illustrating a group of ‘plump’ pigeons gathered on a balcony overlooking the bay at Cannes, France. The prominently blue, yellow and green oils vibrantly capture the beauty of the balcony view as the pigeons enjoy resting in the warm sun.

* Pablo Picasso was a 20th Century Spanish artist.

To find out more about the Museu Picasso visit –

Feature blog post image is of mosaic work in Park Güell

Barcelona truly inspired me. Have you visited Barcelona? Let me know in the comments below!

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