Bullet Journal Future Log Set Up

This year I decided to create my Bullet Journal future log in my Traveler’s Notebook…

At the end of last year I was quite indecisive about which journals I would be using during 2019.

But I knew for sure that I wanted to try a different set up for my Bullet Journal future log this year and so today I thought I’d share this set up and discuss my thought process behind it..




Why create a separate future log?

Although I love using an A5 journal as my Bullet Journal I found that last year, when I started my first Bullet Journal, the set up I’d created didn’t really work for me.

This is because in my first Bullet Journal I created a full years future log without contemplating that I may need more space than I had originally allocated myself or giving any thought to the fact that one journal may not last me an entire year.

And so in my journal I created my future log over the first six pages (two months per page) but then when I moved on to my second Bullet Journal I found I didn’t really want to re-create these pages.


Key page in my notebook. I love sticking Kraft paper into my journal for drawing on – but I’ve yet to decorate this page!


I also discovered that I wasn’t fond of taking my A5 journal absolutely everywhere with me. So when I was out and about I’d be scribbling future events on scraps of paper and inevitably end up loosing them.


Contents page


“I created a full years future log without contemplating that I may need more space than I had originally allocated myself..”


Pages saved for more contents

This year’s set up

When I was considering how to set up my future log this year, I realised my Traveler’s Notebook would be ideal. Because I take this journal everywhere with me, I could add to it and take notes as I go. And I could then cross-reference these notes with my A5 Bullet Journal (which contains my monthly planning and daily logs).


Goals for 2019


So how does it work?

Here is an overview of my pages and how they work for me..

The KEY and CONTENTS pages – in the contents page I reference the contents of each of my journals (including contents of my future log journal)

The GOALS for 2019 page in my future log notebook contains my yearly goals. Each month I reference this and break these down into monthly goals, which I list in my A5 Bullet Journal.


Overview Page


“I love maintaining lots of white space in my journals..”


Yearly overview


The YEARLY OVERVIEW pages are self explanatory but so, so helpful for me when I’m planning ahead.

As I love maintaining lots of white space in my journals creating YEARLY OVERVIEW and MONTH BY MONTH cover pages, which introduce the contents of pages that follow each, is visually very satisfying for me.


Month by month


I decided to leave one month per page when creating my MONTHLY OVERVIEW pages, keeping events and birthdays separate so that nothing gets lost. I’m sure some months will be quite empty – like my January and February pages – but towards the end of the year they will definitely fill up.

I’ll note new events here in the first instance and then cross reference these as I set up each monthly page in my A5 journal.

Overall, I’m really happy with this set up and it’s working for me – which at the end of the day is the most important thing – as Bullet Journaling is a very personal planning method.


Monthly overview pages


Again I’m very grateful to Ryder Carol for creating Bullet Journal and sharing this system with us so we can all benefit from the Bullet Journaling process.

The notebooks I’ve used to create my future log, shown throughout this post, are from Meraki , an Italian company who create beautifully handcrafted journals and notebooks. The notebooks I’m using are their Corium, Midori Traveler’s Notebook paper Insert Regular size for TN with a Smoke Grey cover. These notebooks contain 85gsm dot grid paper.

To find out more about Meraki, check out their Website and follow them on Instagram – @travelers.meraki


Do you keep a future log in your journal? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

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