February Bullet Journal Set Up

Today I’ll take you through my February set-up, each page at a time..

This month I decided to return to my Overview and Cover Page set up which I haven’t used since August 2018. I had forgotten how much I enjoy this set up – it’s quite straight forward to create and provides a visualisation of the month, which I find very useful.


 Overview and Cover pages


I kept the pages relatively plain so that I could complete them fairly quickly.

My Calendar page is again very simple but I find this set up the most helpful as it leaves a lot of space for different events. I add to this page throughout the month and reference it each evening when completing my daily review.


 Calendar and Dutch Door


Dutch Door – I just love a Dutch Door in my Bullet Journal and I like including it on the page opposite my calendar to add a little artwork to this section of my journal. On the reverse page of the Dutch Door is a very simple space for notes (things that have happened this month which I think are important to remember or references for next month).

Opposite my Dutch Door are my Monthly Goals.


 Monthly Goals


At the beginning of 2019 I listed yearly goals in my Future Log and each month I review these and then break them down into smaller monthly goals which will help me work towards my yearly goals.

For example, by the end of this year my goal is to be drinking 2 litres of water a day. Throughout February I’m going to incorporate a water tracker into each of my daily logs so that I can assess how much water I’m currently drinking on a daily basis.


 A Daily Log containing my new water tracker


If by the end of February I discover I’m drinking say, 800ml of water a day, then one of my March goals will be to drink 1000ml of water each day. And I’ll continue to build on this until I reach my yearly goal.




The following pages are dedicated to some Projects I want to complete this month and I’ve set myself some time frames to try and keep me on track with completing each task on my list.


Health Notes


My Health Notes page is brand new and something I’ve never tried before. I’m notoriously bad for completing monthly trackers so I will see how I get on with this. I decided to try this as I’m interested to know how or if different aspects of my life effect each other .

So there it is! I hope you enjoyed this description of my monthly set-up!


How does your February Bullet Journal set-up look? Do you change the set-up in your journal every month, or do you keep it the same? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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