The Zelo Journal

The Zelo Journal is a new journal, dedicated to productivity and wellbeing.

Zelo were kind enough to send me a copy of this exciting new journal and so today I’m going to tell you all about it and how I plan on using my copy.

The journal costs £26 (which includes the 16 page user guide, habit tracker/ bookmark and gift box). I’m happy to share that from Sunday, 13th – Sunday, 20th January 2019 you can receive 35% discount on the Zelo Journal when buying from Amazon (UK) and Etsy (Worldwide) using code: ANNIEZELO35


Now let’s begin the review..

The presentation of the journal is exquisite.  It comes in a black gift box which not only looks good, but also helps protect the journal during delivery. Also contained in the Zelo package is a 16 page user guide and a habit tracker (which also doubles as a book mark if you don’t want to use it to track habits).

“The quality of this journal is everything..”

The journal itself is A5 and has a black hardcover, an elastic band enclosure, a ribbon marker and a pocket on the inside back page. The quality of this journal is everything – it’s sleek and sophisticated and comprises 120gsm, lined paper which is very smooth and easy to write on.


The Zelo Journal Package

The journal covers a six month period starting with a page to write 3 goals you’d like to achieve over the next six months and then gets straight into the weekly pages which have a clean, simple layout. Each week begins with a weekly planning page and ends with a weekly review page. In between these there is a page a day for each day of the week (except Saturday and Sunday which are combined on one page).

“I think the beauty of this journal lies in it’s no frills planning approach”

After the 6 months of weekly pages there are 6 calendar pages, again blank so you can adapt these to suit your needs, and following the calendar pages are 14 pages for notes.

I think the beauty of this journal lies in it’s no frills planning approach. Yes, the journal looks beautiful but it isn’t clogged with unnecessary information. You literally open the first page and get straight into setting and working towards your goals, which I greatly appreciate.

In addition, I think the journal being undated is fantastic as it allows you to begin working towards your goals any time.


My notes for this week using the Weekly Review and Weekly Planning pages


How does it work?

As I mentioned the journal comes with a 16 page user guide.

This is a very comprehensive guide designed to help you get the most out of planning by giving information about setting goals, weekly and daily planning, visualisation, weekly reviewing, habit tracking and listing targets. To get the most out of your journal you’re encouraged to read through all of its pages. I’d recommend this too – I refer to the guide regularly to keep myself on track and get the most out of my planning.


How I’m using my Zelo Journal

I’m using my journal to work towards some website goals. I want to keep up to date, adding new content on a monthly/ weekly basis.

I’m using the calendars at the back of the journal as a timeline which I then refer to in order to set myself deadlines for completing tasks. Each week consider the steps I need to take to complete each task and these steps are noted within the weekly pages.


I’m using the calendar pages to plan out deadlines



Journal Size: A5 (hard cover) (black)
Paper: 120gsm, ivory/ grey, lined (7mm apart) un-numbered
Elastic Enclosure Band:  Yes (black)
Ribbon Marker: Yes (black)
Lie Flat: Yes
Inside Pocket: Yes (back inside cover)
Recycled Paper: Unknown


For more information about the Zelo Journal visit


Do you know about the Zelo Journal? I’d love to hear what you think about this journal or how you’re using your copy in the comments below!

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